Welcome to "The Cool Lounge"! Here you can find productions for your next project, you can come and listen to great music, including various mix series brought to you by DJ ThreeSixty,  and if you enjoy edgy poetry come through and check out the Haikus here for you from a variety of different poetic minds!  So pour up, light up and enjoy "The Cool Lounge".

New Single "Don't Stress" off the upcoming EP The cool lounge: Dice roll

(download for free or set your own purchase price)

Life has it's challenges, face them head on and "Don't Stress"!


Breed Quotes

Masterminding nigga thinking bout his next move, make sure the next move be the best move, then make sure the next move be the best move, when you bouta CHECK gotta make CHESS moves.” - Suthernbreed

"I'm Moving"


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